Monday, December 29, 2008

HSH Product Catalog is available

As we print additional copies of our new product catalog, I realized that I hadn't posted about it here. We released our first printed catalog in mid-November (see above). It is 16 pages and contains all of our main curtains styles as well as all the fabric selections. It has been flying out of the office like crazy! We hope it will be a big help to those who don't have internet access or want to sit and ponder a bit with the catalog in front of them. You can order a free copy on our website. Follow this link: HSH Product Catalog

What's up with the weather in OHIO?!!?

(Photo shown in the Akron Beacon Journal)

Today is December 29th. Two days ago, a 100+ year record fell for the high temperature as we reached 65 degrees. When normally we're plowing snow and shivering in near-zero temps, folks around here are cleaning up leaves, taking walks and grilling on their decks! I remember a few years back when we had a warm stretch in early December and the trees were starting to bud. It's very strange, and I figure we'll be paying for it sooner or later.

Days Gone By

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