Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Exciting News!

I don't know where the summer has gone since we've barely had a summer here in Ohio ~ It's been more like late Spring or early Fall most of the time, although I haven't missed the hot, humid miserable days at all. The green beans and the tomatoes seem to be a bit behind, but we should still have a good crop to harvest.

We received a very exciting phone call yesterday from our Sales Rep at Country Sampler Magazine! I had a sneaking suspicion this might happen because I was getting multiple emails from staffers at the magazine to be a part of their special Home Tours Issue 2010. Still, it was wonderful news and quite an honor to be selected as 1 of 24 businesses to have a product display in that issue. They extend the offer, then choose the products they want to display in the featured homes. It might be a quilt, a chandelier, a pair of curtains. . , or whatever. They already know what product is going in what home. The stylist has requested a specific fabric choice, so I will customize a curtain for a specific window in a specific house. Pretty cool!

So which curtain is it? The Virginia House Swag Curtain of course!! (shown on the right)

The September issue of Country Sampler Magazine is out, and we are SO-O pleased with our featured product ad! I've had customers tell me that the photo jumped out at them!

The Rod Pocket Panels are featured in H590 Black/tea dye Buffalo Check homespun. They are 84" wide x 72" long with an option of H390 Red/tea dye Buffalo Check. Of course, all fabric selections or other sizes are available in this style on our website.

These Quilted and Stitched Pillows are also featured. The first is the 16" Mountain Homespun pillow (top) available in Black/tan or Red/tan. The other is the Amazing Grace prim stitchery pillow (bottom) on a black or red background. Just like the curtains, the pillows are available on our website in other color and size options.

We are gearing up for a very, very busy Fall and Winter season here at Home Sweet Homespuns and in the Yoak family. It is hard to believe how fast the year is going! We are all anxious to meet our newest grandchild, which is due December 23rd. I suspect it will be a little crazy during the holidays for us this year, but we love every minute of it.

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