Thursday, January 13, 2011

What Do You Do During an Ohio Snowstorm?

Go to Amish country, of course!

Six-eight inches of snow can't stop a girl on a mission when there's fabric involved! This was the day I was scheduled to meet my MODA fabric rep at the Fabric Show Reunion in Holmes County - the heart of Ohio's Amish country and an hour's drive away. We had some important business to conduct, mainly locking in future orders before a planned price increase. The morning brought one heavy snow squall after another. It was a dice game between my common sense and my dare devil side. I doubted that the lake effect snow we were getting would be reaching that far south, and a quick phone call confirmed just that. That's all I needed to know.

A phone call to my best friend to get her boots on and we quickly headed south. Well, that is after three attempts to get out of my driveway and at least ten attempts to drive up hers. The highways were in good shape, so I felt confident in venturing off on the "back roads" into Berlin. Everything was sparkly clean and white under a freshly-fallen layer of snow. The countryside was calm and peaceful except for an occasional group of sledders dotting a hillside. My friend, Cindy, is in love with old barns and she was furiously snapping photos with her Droid phone. She swears I was speeding around the curves and up and down the hills (Not!) while I accused her of yelling "STOP!" at least every 500 feet so she could take a photo. We are still laughing at the number of barns that mysteriously appear crooked in her photos!

With only a few miles of drifting snow across the county roads, the drive was uneventful and pleasant. Our trip was both therapeutic and profitable. The needed business was accomplished with a few extra bones thrown in, especially the chance meeting of Mr. Zinck. (We will be using Zinck's as a supplier in the coming days).

Business done. Supper at Boyd's-Wurtham Diner. Carry out dinners to take home to our husbands. A day with my best friend. It doesn't get much better than that.

(Note the sign: Cindy's Diner)

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CindyKay said...

Awww ... Im touched this special cold snowy evening . Just before retiring with my pillow calling me , I stop to check fB ..this is what I found . Yes , it was a wonderful day ... amounst all the snow , buggies and whip lashes I got from taking pic's .... time spent with my bff makes everything ok .You have taught me so well with my new business adventure ...Thank You from my Heart . Couldn't do it without you ! Good Night and thanks for putting up with me for 30yrs now :) "God led us to each other let no man put assunder " (Gotta Love Me)