Friday, November 7, 2008

Holiday Open House

Saturday, November 8th, is the big week-end around our area for Holiday Open Houses. That includes The Olde Picket Fence in Hartville, which is the home base for my curtain display since 2000. This is the 20th year for Wanda, and the store looks awesome! Check out the pics I snapped yesterday as the crafters are transforming their booths from Fall/Harvest to Christmas holiday mode. The theme this year is "Sleigh Bells Ring."

Ellie is the owner of this antique sleigh.

Oh my, those snowballs will melt in the 70 degree weather we enjoyed yesterday! Not to fear, the weather forecast says cooler days are coming this week-end.

Welcome to The Olde Picket Fence!

The front entrance to the store showcases a mix of items.

My curtain display with a few seasonal items.

Suzie D's appliqued tees and hoodies (Vendor 46)

Tammy's painted tees and sweatshirts (Vendor 49)

Patti & Blair White offer lots of homemade goodies. Blair is a tinsmith who makes barn stars and tin swag hooks to name a couple. (Vendor 91)

I love what Brenda did with this old ladder. The honeysuckle vines and lights are true prim decorating. Lots of reproduction furniture and home accents in this booth. (Vendor 35)

Our Woodshop (Vendor 34) takes up the back room of the store. Thomas and Kathy Jones will knock your socks off with the reproduction furniture they make.

The prim room is one of the new additions to the store. Lynn Ann and Cindy really know how to capture the early primitive decorating. I could stay in that room all day. (Vendors 52 & 55)

Mary and her daughter adjoin the prim room and have lots of prim goodies and altered art items. (Vendor 51)

Diane really shines at the holidays with her woodcrafts. She's responsible for all the snowmen in the window boxes outside the store. (Vendor 59)

I always look forward to Open House week-end. This year I will meet some friends for an early breakfast at Helen's Kitchen. After that, we plan to hit some of the other stores and craft shows before I work the afternoon shift at The Olde Picket Fence. This is the kick-off to the Christmas and Holiday shopping, a little earlier than most years. It's hard to think snow and Christmas after a string of 60-70 degree days this week. Definitely not typical NE Ohio weather for this time of the year, but I'm not complaining!

Signing off for now. . . .

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