Sunday, June 22, 2008

One Man's Junk is Another Man's Treasure

"Just a bunch of junk" . . . . NO WAY! For us prim lovers, finding a special "treasure" can make our day. That's just what happened to me yesterday. Hubby and I were driving to a graduation party, and there . . . propped up against a telephone pole at the end of a driveway . . . was a stack of old white painted windows. I immediately exclaimed, "Stop! I want those windows." Hubby kept on driving and I vaguely heard, "Not in the daylight." I reasoned with him that that trash was fair game, but he just kept on driving.

Later in the evening we were driving home in a thunderstorm. I gently reminded hubby that we needed to get those windows. After 35 years of marriage and knowing I wasn't going to give in, he headed in that direction while mumbling something about the police chasing us home. The trade off for his help was my asking the home owners if we could have their trash. No problem! I was praying the rain would ease up, which it did, or else I would be pulling off this caper by myself, getting drenched in the process. The young homeowners were more than glad to let me take their trash, and even told me to check back later for more. (Had it not been raining, I would have whipped out a business card. After all, they are replacing those old painted windows with brand new ones and undoubtedly need curtains. I'll watch for another opportunity.)

What a great find! The old windows have a lot of character. For a lady whose business is making custom curtains, this was a gold mine! They will make great display pieces for my booth at The Olde Picket Fence.

Here are some examples of using old windows:

My 1960's outdated picture window with a little prim decorating

Our backyard barn

Stay tuned. I'll post the before and after pictures of my "trash to treasure" find.

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shweetpotato said...

ohhhh how awesome :D Ill have to keep my eyes out for the after pics Woot Woot!!! Carm