Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stitched With Love

I have to share this project!

We recently lost a neighbor and close friend of my mother. Thirty-some years as a neighbor holds a lot of memories. "Shud" and Dad used to do a lot together - hunt, fish, dig ginseng, . . . Dad's been gone since 1996, and it was a comfort to know that Shud was nearby to help Mom and keep an eye on things when my brother and I weren't around.

Well, due to unforeseen complications after a recent surgery, Shud passed away. Now with both their parents gone, his children are busy cleaning out his house and sadly doing all the necessary tasks associated with settling the estate. His daughter, Susan, mentioned to Mom that she'd love to make a quilt out of her dad's old shirts -- she just didn't know how.

It didn't take long for Mom to volunteer for the job! No doubt Mom remembers Shud wearing some of those shirts, and I know this was a labor of love for her in memory of her dear friend. Knowing it would be hard for her to part with it, I asked Mom, "Did you save enough pieces to make one for yourself?" She never hesitated with her answer, "YEP!"

Here's Mom, almost 85 years old and still stitchin', showing off the lap quilt and pillow made from her friend's shirts.

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